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What Is a Chalazion?

A chalazion is a swollen bump that appears on the eyelid and occurs when the eyelid’s oil gland clogs up. A chalazion may begin as a stye, and as it grows, you may start to notice a red, swollen bump. 

A chalazion can cause blurry vision once they get large, and we want to help you find relief through innovative treatments such as IPL therapy.

Treating a Chalazion

We use IPL treatment to help our patients manage a chalazion. IPL is a fast, effective, noninvasive way to help treat a chalazion. IPL targets and removes pigmented or damaged skin cells with light energy. 

A single IPL treatment is effective in helping our patients overcome a chalazion and addresses the underlying conditions that contribute to chalazion development.

Differences Between a Stye & a Chalazion

It’s important to know the differences between a stye and a chalazion and also the way treatment varies. It can be difficult to distinguish between a chalazion and a stye, but they have some main differences.

A stye is a small red, painful lump that typically forms at the eyelid’s edge and is usually caused by an infected eyelash root. A stye can swell and affect the entire eyelid. Treatments for a stye can include antibiotics for an infected stye.

A chalazion and the resulting bump usually develops further back on the eyelid compared to a stye. A chalazion is caused by a clogged oil gland and rarely makes the entire eyelid swell. We use IPL therapy and recommend warm compresses to help treat and manage a chalazion.

Efficient Chalazion Management

Our IPL treatment allows us to efficiently address and manage a chalazion and keep our patient’s comfort in mind. While a chalazion typically doesn’t cause pain like a stye, we strive to help our patients overcome chalazion development. 

You don’t have to manage a chalazion alone, and we can help.

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